Personal Training

One-on-one writing sessions are planned after a small pre-evaluation. You can expect to be trained on how to organize your thoughts and polish every piece of your writing.
Trainings are available in the various literary genre- whether it is poetry or story writing or any other.

Some popular and regular creative writing programs are-

  • Story Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Poetry Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Practical Grammar- level 1 & 2

.......There’s a lot more than this though.
Each program is unique since it is personalized for the group and hence the workshops are not competitive!

Even though I undertake personal trainings, I believe collaborative learning always helps. Through group dynamics, imaginative prompts and role-playing exercises, children learn the elements of creative writing much faster and put their inspirations on paper rather effortlessly. They gain confidence in a pleasurable and non-judgmental setting where each kid supports the other’s ideas, appreciates and sets a pace for the rest of the group. Home writing is suggested but not mandatory.

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