Who am I?


Well…Apart from being a writer, a poet, a mother, a speaker, an organizer, a teacher, a daughter, and a sister, I’m also a storyteller, a bathroom singer, a passionate traveler, an experimental chef, a wildlife lover, a voice-over artist, a facebooker, a globe trotter, a management professional, a future backpacker, and more than anything else, a dreamer…………

Then there’s one thing in the world which doesn’t talk to me – and that’s Mathematics! (but then that’s my little secret!)


Following is an excerpt which Leadstart Publishing wrote for me. Since it still holds true, instead of reinventing the wheel, I’ll just copy paste it!


“....Sarika Singh is a children author & poet and also a teacher and trainer for creative poetry writing. She is a management professional blessed with a creative mind, a dedication for creative writing, and a natural flair for communicating with children.


Always spellbound by the power of language & ink, she has been inking her thoughts since early days. Her passion for creativity since childhood has motivated her to conduct ‘Creative Writing’ workshops for children, something she has been pursuing since 2000. Girls and boys who contemplated they could not write, or did not think they had an interest in poetry, churn out wonderful poems at her fun-filled sessions.


She believes that creating poetry is not only therapeutic but also improves a child’s overall writing ability and opens him to a world of self expression. Writing poems is a stepping stone to the route to all forms of writings- be it essay, letter, précis, story, play, or any other form of writing.”

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