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Some of the parents and teachers I worked with while hosting workshops suggested that my methods of teaching creative writing were innovative and practical and that I ought to put them down in the form of a book. This way I could reach out to more children, parents and teachers than were practically possible through a workshop. This was a good thought and I worked on it, wrote few specimen chapters and Leadstart picked the unique self-guide books. Entitled Poetry Writing Made Simple, it comes in a series of two books. The first one is for beginners and the second one is more advanced.

Parents, teachers, would-be writers of any age from 7 to 90 will find plenty of useful tips on writing devices and methodology in the series. Though it addresses poetry, principally, the creative writing techniques and methods in fiction as well as non-fiction writing are interwoven.

They’re on sale now and you can pick it up by clicking here.

Poetry Writing Made Simple- Book I
Poetry Writing Made Simple- Book II


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