About Myriad
  • Do you always fall short of words….especially the ‘right’ words?
  • Would you like to be understood just the way you meant it?
  • Do you want to improve your writing skills to prove a point?
  • Would you like to be the person who speaks articulately and confidently?
  • Do you always fumble with grammar and feel that it isn’t your cup of tea?
  • Have you been scribbling poems or rhymes in your diary and wondered if there is a poet sitting unattended in you?


If your answer is even remotely ‘YES’ to any of these questions, Myriad is where you should be! Indeed all kids have a story to tell, and Myriad wants is to help them write it! Myriad is a creative writing platform for ages 7 to 16 (not strictly, though). Whether you write for fun or for any other reason, it is good for you!


No matter which class you are in, you can impress everyone around with your befitting well-framed answers, impress the audience while giving a speech, prove your point while giving a presentation, and score that extra mark in the test score to give you an extra edge. Skills developed through creative writing workshops at Myriad, perk up literacy abilities, egg on creative-thinking and build confidence.


Kids: Do you love the idea of developing your first piece of writing and submitting into your school magazine? Or are you a prolific writer wanting to polish your skills and exceptional new pieces? Or have you shirked writing for any reason and would like to connect a community that can transform your entire attitude towards writing?


Parents: At Myriad, your children enjoy individual attention, fun writing games, interactive exercises, and best of all, completing wonderful original pieces of writing with the help of a published poet and author! Join the first workshop at Myriad and discover the joys that writing has to offer!


Join the first workshop at Myriad and
discover the joys that writing has to offer!

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